Hello and welcome to P.O.P. Productions official website. We’re excited to finally be online!  Come back often so you can check out our upcoming shows, discography, and learn a little more about everything we do. The vision of P.O.P. Productions is on the many new services we are working on providing exclusively online. Our goal is to create a virtual mixing and mastering studio for all of my clients online that live all around the world. We started out producing Hip Hop and Spoken word, but we will be venturing into many genres of music. We provide services for the working musician who are just getting started or those who want red book quality sound at affordable rates. To all our new & prospective clients you'll be able to see what we actually do by clicking on the discography to see the full LPs we have produced. You'll also be able to sample songs from all of them. P.O.P. will be the perfect online liaison for artists that need help with getting their audio to a mastered quality product. So thank you all for your interest in the company! We will achieve EXCELLENCE together from the beginning to the end of your project.

                                               Walter P.O.P. Matthews IV 

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font color="#FFFFFF"> NEWS!!! It's 2015 and let's work on that album and invest in your dream. It's your year!
  12 originally produced songs, mixed & mastered